Services can help you with:

  • System automation: automate server deployments. This allows to fully (re)deploy a server and applications in a matter of minutes. The automation doesn't have to stop with just the basic system setup, many applications support full configuration through APIs. Managing these settings based on configuration files in git is an important advantage for complex enterprise applications.
  • Ansible training and workshops: Only getting started with Ansible automation or interested in more in depth knowledge like automated testing? Warp can organize an hands on training tailored to your needs.
  • Scaling and performance tuning: it's not that difficult to host a small site, but when you want to build more complex sites and scale for millions of pageviews a day other aspects come into play. Warp can help you to optimize your existing or server installation for high performance setups.
  • Setup of various services: Apache webserver, MySQL/MariaDB Database, HAproxy, Postfix mailserver with Spamassassin and/or other antispam protection, Samba or NFS for fileserving and much more.
  • Securing and finetuning your servers: too many systems are left with a default or suboptimal configuration. Warp can help you to secure and optimize the configuration.